The 'Divina'

The most important day of your life should be celebrated in one of the most gorgeous settings in the world. Perhaps that's why you're already thinking of getting married on Italy's Amalfi Coast. The tiny towns clinging to the rocks, the colorful houses, the terraces overlooking the sea: on the Amalfi Coast every corner provides the ideal backdrop for the photos of your big day!

Then there is the fabulous Mediterranean climate, the endless sunny days, the flavors of the local cuisine...

The perfect mix of beauty and romance which makes the Amalfi Coast and, in particular, Positano and Ravello, some of the world's most sought after bespoke wedding locations.

The Amalfi Coast stretches from Vietri sul Mare in the East and along the Sorrentine Peninsula to Positano, a distance of approximately 40 kilometres and put simply, every single metre of it is exquisite, the stuff from which dreams are made, so much so that the good people at UNESCO had the entire area declared a World Heritage Site in 1997 for its unarguable beauty and uniqueness of its natural landscape. In Homer's epic poem, 'Odysseus' the area is known as the land of sirens and when you visit you no doubt will agree that there is something incredibly seductive about the coast and its surrounds. The attraction is the divergence of mountain and sea, the dramatic views of cliff and Mediterranean that seem to complement each other constantly in every view and have captivated imagination since the Middle Ages (450- 500 A.C.) when it first started to be populated by human settlement. There are all sorts of geographical features on this coast from volcanoes to coves, valleys to mountains, fjords to cliffs, caverns to arches, beaches to rock coast and coves to headlands. Writers, artists, heads of state, actors and every other type of profession flock here for inspiration and tranquillity.

The area is renowned for its vineyards and terraces etched into the cliffs, its scent from lemon groves, its views and its history, now make it part of your future.

There is so much to see and do here that you simply cannot fit everything in. There is Ravello, a town within a castle, the emerald cave in Conca dei Marini, the Fiordo of Furore, the path of the Gods in Agerola, Pompei, and not to mention the magnificent churches, domes, basilicas and cathedrals that pepper the landscape all over. There are also festivals, music concerts, Saints Days and food celebrations that are frequent and not to be missed but this is only a sampling as the list is endless. However, Amalfi Coast is also a place for relaxation and one can unwind here on the balcony of a whitewash villa or apartment, enjoying the salty sea breeze, soaking up the afternoon rays and be simply content.

This page is dedicated to introduce you every corner of the Coast. There are 13 villages along the Amalfi Coast, We will tell you a little about each and what you can expect to see and do in each one so that you can plan your valuable days on the Amalfi Coast accordingly. We will start with town of Vietri sul Mare which serves well because driving from Salerno, it is the town you will first encounter and highlights magnificently what you can expect from the Coast to come.

Vietri sul Mare

Due to the town being the most protected from the sea, it has history as a port serving the hinterland and used throughout Roman times as a hub of port activity. The town features in legend as a pit-stop for Jason as he searched the seas for his golden fleece. The town is picturesque and is famous worldwide for its ceramics which you can buy for affordable prices in its many shops and markets. As far as sights go, the town does not fall short, some of my recommendations featuring as part of an extensive stroll one should take around the town. The Church of John the Baptist and its bell tower is a must, and Albori which is a hamlet of the town must be explored as well as the main square with its quaint little church dedicated to Santa Margherita.


This small fishing village on the coast, surrounded by what is thought of as a natural paradise of woodland and vineyard known as Monte Falerzio, has a reputation for seafood and is still adhering to old style Italian traditions and customs. Quaint and beautiful, you will not want to pass it by. Its Vicereale Tower is a must-see and should you be lucky enough to be visiting on St. Pietros Day you will be in for a fireworks display and festivities.


The castle of San Nicola de Thoro Plano overlooks this charming old town that you can amble around using its network of alleys and narrow streets. Erchie, the beautiful hamlet within the town with a population of only a hundred and that according to legend was founded by Hercules is exceptional and you must give it a visit.


Tramonti, its name meaning, through the mountains is a grouping of villages that are steeped in history and old rustic churches that can be taken in at your leisure while stopping off to look at Renaissance paintings of Luca Giordano. It was once famous for its baskets and you are sure to see them on sale around its streets.


This town, neighbour to Maiori has the magnificent baroque Santa Trofimena Basilica to be visited and be sure to sample its amazing hand-made pasta, a specialty. Not surprisingly, the Romans settled here and the evidence can be seen all around from ancient baths, nimphaneums as well as old villas.


This village is only 1 square kilometer and is the smallest municipality in Europe but it packs a serious punch. Not much has changed since the Middle Ages but it has all been kept immaculately. In a beautiful little fairy tale setting, the lights on its beach are left on at night for the fishermen, creating an astounding ambience about it. Visit its Church of San Salvatore de Birecto.


Ravello is simply astounding, spectacular and beautiful and whatever other positive adjective you want to throw at it, it being one of the jewels of the Amalfi Coast. Visited and enjoyed by everybody from JFK to Gore Vidal to Virginia Wolf, Ravello is not to be missed and especially in the Summer months when its open air concerts, some at 4 in the morning to catch the sunrise, will take your breath away. Its San Pantaleone cathedral must be visited as well as the Villa Rufolo Ravello and the many exquisite gardens of the town that allow for views the likes of which you can only see on the Amalfi Coast.


One of the oldest villages on the Amalfi Coast, Scala is built into the cliffs and has many dramatic ledges and corners that hang over the sea. It is rich with history and heritage, not least because of its 130 churches that once shaped the town and it is surrounded by chestnut forests, lush vegetation and lemon cultivated terraces.


Steeped in history, the town of Amalfi is built in the valley a little up from the coast and is a collection barrel vault ceiling, white houses, typical of a Mediterranean setting. Visit the cathedral for art masterpieces, go pillar, facade and ornate architecture spotting, amble through its charming streets, buy its extravagant paper, and most of all, enjoy.

Conca dei Marini

The waters lapping this coastal down, deep and blue, will captivate your imagination as well as the spectacular church of San Pancrazio that is poised on a rock, overlooking the town as if a guardian. It is tranquil here, proven by the frequency at which writers visit for some peace and inspiration. Visit the Monastery of St. Rosa from Lima, the Emerald Grotto which is a cave and the Marina di Conca which used to be the hub of the town.


With its famous Fjord, the village has an amazing setting and was once an impregnable fortress. The views here are extremely dramatic and simply cannot be missed as one could barely believe it existed if it were not in front of your awe-filled eyes. It is sometimes known as 'the town that does not exist' because there is no real centre here, more a dispersal of houses around the cliff surrounds. Visit the en plein air art gallery and walk around to your hearts content- the town is the attraction!


This village has it all, beach, quaint alleys and typically Italian streets, Saracen towers to visit as well as the majolica dome of the church of St. Luca the Evangelist, a monastery, incredible sunsets, ornate staircases, a relaxing atmosphere and on top of all that, a beautiful geranium scent that encapsulates the town that only really opened its doors to tourism in the last few years whereas before it plied its trade on fishing alone.


This village is magnificent and well worth a visit, it being the pearl of the coast and the very stuff that dreams are made. The town is steep and to paraphrase John Steinbeck, you don't walk to visit a friend here, you either climb or slide. There are a dozen amazing churches to sink your teeth into here as well as the Grotto La Porta, the fortified towers and opportunity to hike, amble or rest up in a cafe to enjoy the views. And so ends our whistle stop tour of what lies ahead should you come visit the 13 villages of the Amalfi Coast and we certain that after the descriptions that were just laid out, you do not have any other choice!

So this is Amalfi Coast, if you are considering a wedding abroad and are unsure on which location to choose, then here are some reasons to consider Italy’s beautiful Amalfi Coast…

Romanticised in the 1960s, this coastline was famous for attracting Hollywood movie stars, and few places in the world can surpass its spectacular allure with quiet bays, stunning scenery and crystal blue seas. It really is easy to see why this setting is an increasingly popular wedding destination year on year!

Francesca Fiore, the Wedding Planner, will give you some reasons why the Amalfi Coast is an amazing choice for your big day.

The scenery

Upon arriving at one of my venues, Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, I remember being blown away by the incredible view as I walked up the steps of the villa and looked out over the sea. My stomach literally turned over and I could only imagine how excited I would be as a bride, the sun beaming down on the main terrace, aperitif in hand and all of my loved ones around me. The scenery is truly breathtaking across the entire Amalfi Coast and definitely needs to be seen to experience the emotion that it instils in you!

The food

This is Italy, so surely this goes without saying. The Italians, of course, take great pride in their culinary abilities and the menu suggestions on offer for your big day are amazing. Four courses, often inclusive of a speciality wedding cake are pretty standard. A lot of the venues customise their menus to the bride and groom’s individual tastes so you can ensure you and your guests are well catered for.

The wine

Obviously Italy is not just famous for its fresh, locally sourced food, but also the wine that complements it so well. Every menu can be combined with a wide range of wine options, Amalfi Coast Falanghina or Piedirosso, a great Fiano and Greco di Tufo for the white wines lovers, or an intense Aglianico and a scented Taurasi for those who love the red wine. And how not to mention our sparkling Prosecco...

The climate

Summer in Italy offers temperatures that won’t disappoint! The climate in the South of Italy remains mild for most of the year. And even if you get a rainy day, don’t despair! Italian tradition deems it lucky for a bride to have rain on her big day.

The sun drenched terraces in the summer months overlooking the sea make for wonderful wedding photographs too.

That’s amore!

Italy is renowned for being the country of love and romance. It’s not unusual to see couples strolling through the piazzas hand in hand, gazing into each other’s eyes, so what better setting to celebrate your wedding and love for one another?

It’s not as expensive as you think

Most venues in Ravello and Positano offer amazing packages in incredible settings that would undoubtedly cost a small fortune back home.

Your extra budget can be spent on additional activities such as a boat trip to explore the coast, or a cooking lesson, wine-tasting class, or just making the most of your special time spent with friends and family.

Warm hospitality

The tourist industry is very important in the South of Italy and the Italians are renowned for their warm hospitality. Whether you choose formal dining for your wedding breakfast, or something more relaxed, be reassured that you will receive the best service from start to finish, from all the professionals around you.

Customised to you

Your wedding reception can be as formal or informal as you want it to be, with the timings of the day to suit your requirements. From exclusive villas to smaller restaurants, there is a venue to suit every taste and every budget.

We can create for you a customized website through which we can introduce to your guests the whole design of the wedding event and the Amalfi Coast,  manage their hotel reservations and transportation service from the arrival airport, provide assistance, and give them information or advice. Ask us for more information!

Accommodation options to suit all budgets

Unlike some long haul destinations, Italy can be done on a budget. Therefore, more of your family and friends may be able to make the trip to share in your magical day!

For more information from Sophisticated Weddings, organisers of exceptional weddings across the Amalfi Coast suiting all kinds of budgets, don’t hesitate to contact us!